Linda McRae
Senior Technical Writer

Kamloops, BC, Canada
Phone: (250) 819-7351


AOL Canada Inc.

January 2004: Accepted a contract assignment with AOL Canada Inc. to revise a set of user guides and to create a new user guide for a high-speed Internet access modem. The project schedule was extremely short for the amount of work that was required, but the guides were all completed and delivered within the required timeframes. Also provided suggestions for organizing a quick reference card that the Product Marketing Manager was creating. The Product Marketing Manager was very pleased with the service and the documentation.


Q3-Q4 2008: A terminal family illness required temporary relocation of my home office from Ontario to British Columbia while working on Nortel MEM 3.0, which was experiencing a shortage of qualified technical writing resources. While under extreme stress, I completed the development and revision of the MEM 3.0 documentation content (19 publications and 8 were assigned to me).

2001-2002: Demonstrated a proven ability at Nortel to accept an increased workload (due to layoffs) and accurately complete and deliver all of the deliverables on time and within budget.

In addition, ensured that the writing team's deliverables were accurate and met Nortel standards by performing peer reviews, quality inspections, and providing feedback. This effort contributed to guides and online help that were technically accurate and consistent with each other.

2001: Project priorities at Nortel changed, which resulted in a decision not to update a suite of six guides for the CallPilot networking feature. Software changes were made to the networking feature (including a redesign of the user interface), and existing documentation and online help were not adequate.

To communicate the changes to customers as well as ensure that the printed guides would still be useful, wrote a new guide to summarize the enhancements, then rewrote all of the online help to be more comprehensive and reflective of the new user interface. The new deliverables as well as the old printed guides work together to support the feature. Most of the information is now in online format.

2000: Worked with another Nortel writer to reorganize a suite of hardware installation and configuration guides for several hardware platforms to single-source information. This included creating a strategy for managing and sharing the work. This effort improved documentation usability, and reduced page count, printing costs, and maintenance efforts.

1998-1999: Provided distance mentoring to a novice technical writer to ensure that his deliverables were well-written, accurate, and met Nortel standards. The writer was a full-time employee of a third-party vendor that was contracted by Nortel to develop the product we were documenting.

1996: Worked with software developers to develop a detailed content specification (outline) for a suite of six guides explaining how to network Nortel's Meridian Mail systems (a feature that had a reputation for being difficult to implement). Wrote five of those guides in 1997 and received very positive feedback from Nortel customers.

Society for Technical Communication

1992: Successfully managed and promoted the Technical Publications Competition for the Toronto Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication. Increased the number of entries received by 23% over the previous year. At the same time

  • performed regular duties as Technical Writer at Bramalea Limited
  • attended classes and completed homework assignments for the Certificate Programme for Technical and Professional Writing at York University

Granada Canada Limited

1987: Completed the testing and participated in the implementation of Granada Canada's Inventory Management System one month ahead of schedule. Re-wrote the user guide and trained users in Granada outlets across Canada.

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