Linda McRae
Senior Technical Writer

Kamloops, BC, Canada
Phone: (250) 819-7351


  • Various technical publication awards from the Society for Technical Communication (STC) for guides written:
    - Award of Merit, February 1999
    - Distinguished Technical Communication, April 1998
    - Award of Merit, April 1998
    - Award of Achievement, March 1992

  • Rennie Charles Award, May 1993 from the Society for Technical Communication (STC) for outstanding contribution to the Toronto Chapter.

  • Book Prize, April 1993 from the IBM Canada Laboratory for achieving the highest grade average in the Certificate Programme in Technical and Professional Writing at Glendon College (York University), Toronto.

  • Outstanding Achievement Award, September 1987 from Granada Canada for testing and implementing the Inventory Management System ahead of schedule.

  • Employee of the Month, March 1987 from Granada Canada

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