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This is my own personal web site. It was a real challenge to create a web site that would demonstrate both my technical writing and digital photography abilities and still be consistent and easy to navigate.

This site was inspired by the desire to show my photography work to more than just the people in my local area. I have many plans for this site, for which I must learn new skills, and these skills are very usable in my technical writing work.

Orillia & District Camera Club

I designed and created the Orillia Camera Club's web site and for two years, maintained it on a voluntary basis. As a digital photographer, I was looking for a local camera club but could not find one via web search or phone directory. Fortunately, I heard about the Orillia Camera Club via word-of-mouth, and when the Club decided to create a web site, I volunteered. It was my goal to make the Club more visible to others who were also wanting to join a camera club but couldn't find one, and to also keep its members informed of the Club's activities. The Club had fewer than 10 active members in 2005. When I left Ontario in 2009, the Club had over 50 members, partly due to this web site.

Kamloops Photo Arts Club

While I didn't design this site (which uses a blog engine in the background), I do support it in the role of "Web Mistress". The web site itself is self-running; other members of the KPAC executive can log in and post announcements to keep KPAC members informed. My role as Web Mistress is to do the more difficult updates for the web site pages.

The rest of this page displays selected assignments that I completed in the Web Design Certificate program at, The Online School of Design. These assignments and the web site portfolio demonstrate mastery of basic web design skills.

Information Design (Completed December 21, 2002)

Course objective: Learn how information design contributes to web sites that help visitors find the information they want. Specifically, learn how to create web sites that are easy to use.

Key exercises: Create storyboards for a fictional web site:

Web Design I: (Completed April 29, 2003)

Course objective: Develop design skills and creativity, with a focus on creative interfaces, strong graphic images, and functional site organization.

Key exercises:

See also, my digital photography art section.

CSS Essentials: (Completed June 30, 2003)

Course objective: Learn how HTML and CSS work together to give a web designer fast control over page appearance.

Key exercises:

Fundamentals of Javascript (Completed October 31, 2003)

Course objective: Learn how to find and use Javascript scripts to add pizazz to web sites.

Key exercises:

Adobe Illustrator Basics (Completed April 22, 2004)

Course objective: Learn how to use Illustrator's selection, drawing, and transformation tools to create fun basic designs.

See my design projects.

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