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Extraordinary Moments: Motor Vehicles in Action

Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association
The Big Kahuna
April 24, 2011
Whispering Pines Raceway, Kamloops BC

The photos here are for viewing and purchase only. They are NOT free.

If you want a photo for online use, you must purchase a digital file.
(When you purchase a digital file, you will receive a high-res file for printing,
as well as a low-res file with my URL in the bottom corner that you can use online.)
Click the link below for pricing and ordering information.

To see your photos, please contact me with your race class and plate number.

How to find your photos:
Photos for each moto are sorted by your plate number (not your transponder number).
The "Unknown" gallery contains photos of riders where the plate has no number on it,
or your number is not visible in the photo.
The Candids gallery contains photos captured at the start line.
The Miscellaneous gallery contains photos of groups of riders.
If you don't see any photos of you, I'm sorry ... Hopefully next race.

Click the << and >> at the bottom of each thumbnail page to see more thumbnails for the race.
Click the thumbnail to see a larger version.
Click the down triangle beneath the photo to choose your print size from the list, and then click Add to Cart.

Photos you purchase will be cropped and exposure adjusted before printing.

Moto 1 (morning/noon)
Moto 2 (afternoon)

(62 photos)

Plates 1 to 40
(114 photos)

Plates 41 to 60
(142 photos)

Plates 61 to 100
(63 photos)

Plates 100 to 749
(90 photos)

Candids and Start
(35 photos)

Multiple Riders
(33 photos)

Plate Numbers Unknown
(228 photos)

(142 photos)

Plate Number 14
(37 photos)

Plate Number 8
(22 photos)

Plate Number 328
(18 photos)

Other plates
(contact me)

Candids and Start
(contact me)

Multiple Riders
(144 photos; contains some "unknown plates")

Plate Numbers Unknown
(335 photos)

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