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Extraordinary Moments: Agility Dogs in Action

Dog O Pogo Agility Fun Match
Armstrong Agriplex - April 30, 2011

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Pre-Starters Standard
(Cricket, Meadow, Molly,
and Savvy only
13 photos)

Pre-Starters Gamblers
(Molly, Meadow, Savvy, and Copper only
23 photos)

Pre-Starters Jumpers
(Copper, Molly, Meadow,
Rowdy, and Savvy only
34 photos)

Pre-starters Snooker
(Molly, Meadow, Savvy,
and Copper only
21 photos)

Starters Standard
(Annie, Bailey, Cricket, Sophie, Rosie,Taz only
50 photos)

Starters Gamblers
(Bailey and Rosie (um... Sadie?) only;
12 photos)

Starters Jumpers
(Bailey, Rosie, Rowdy, and Taz only
17 photos)

Starters Snooker
(Bailey and Rosie only;
11 photos)

Advanced/Master Gamblers
(Annie, Chloe, Cricket, and Taz only;
32 photos)

Advanced/Master Snooker
(Chloe and Taz only;
8 photos)

Advanced/Masters Jumpers
(Sophie only;
4 photos)

Advanced/Masters Standard
(Cricket only;
2 photos)

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