My Journey to Musedom

acrylic on 8x10 canvas board; painted using a "stamping" technique

Before I became a Creative Muse, I had no confidence in myself as a Creative Being. I think the biggest reason is that I felt I did not receive recognition or encouragement for anything I attempted to create.

In my child life, I pursued artistic creativity by replicating other people’s drawings. You know – rock music album covers… artist talent tests in the back of magazines. I did okay. But create my own drawings? Uh uh!

In my adult life, I began a career in technical writing, where everything is black and white with no shades of gray. There isn’t much opportunity to be creative in the projects I work on. Except one time, where I was asked to write a procedure on how to cook a hard-boiled egg… for a Martian. That was fun! (It was a skills test for a job interview. I made the hiring short list of candidates for the job, but just before hiring, the company declared bankruptcy!)

My true creative life began when I bought a digital camera for use in my technical writing work. But instead of “working” one afternoon, I took the camera out to the garden to photograph the flowers. I showed those early photos to a trusted friend, who promptly declared that I had a good eye. On that day, my life changed forever. Photography became an all-consuming passion… one that eventually resulted in the tearing up of roots firmly established in Ontario in order to set down new roots here in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Shortly after I began my new life here, friendships connected me with a Creative Muse group. What is that, you say? You can learn more at, but the quick answer is: The Creative Muse Group is a series of workshops where you get to learn how to be a creative being, and have fun while doing it. During these workshops, I learned how Nine Modern Day Muses can be called upon to break down the barriers to creativity. The fun part in all this was being able to play with clay, paint, paper, colored pencils, and other creative materials.

And you know what I learned about myself?


My creativity muscle was weak (in my opinion), but IT’S THERE! I just need to exercise it, and exercise it LOTS!

At the end of the Creative Muse workshops, I was asked to describe myself as a Muse:

I am the Muse of Courage, Determination, and Success.
I am independent and I am not afraid.
I do not lose sight of my goals, and I do not quit until they are achieved.
I will even go beyond what is expected, because “not to” means to stay small, which is never enough.
If I can do it, you can too… if you also have the courage to just try.
I pursue my dreams on winged feet.
My modern day name is Vikky. The Roman equivalent is Victoria and in Greek, it is Nike.

(In Greek mythology, Nike was a goddess who personified strength, speed, and victory. She is known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. According to classical myth, Nike’s father Styx brought her and her siblings to Zeus when he was assembling allies for the Titan War. In this war, Nike assumed the role of the divine charioteer, flying around battlefields and rewarding the victors with glory and fame. Source: (mythology)

After note: Since the writing of this article, Linda is exploring other creative mediums such as painting and Zen doodling. The painting you see above is one of her first creations.

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