Inspiration overload? Nah!

BC Rain Forest, Hope British Columbia

Have you ever been “over inspired?” I sometimes wonder if I am over-inspired.

The abundance of photography-related inspiration I am subjected to on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is one of the reasons I have so many photography projects on the go. But all that I am doing now doesn’t even come close to touching all the photography-related things that I want to do before I leave this existence.

Recently, I had the pleasurable experience of attending a photography presentation by Chris Harris, a photographer located near 105 Mile Ranch, British Columbia. His presentation was entitled “Motherstone: British Columbia’s Volcanic Plateau“. Did you know that British Columbia has a volcanic region? I didn’t! And apparently, neither do many other people. But that will change as a result of Chris’s newest book which contains beautiful photographs (with beautiful words by Harold Rhenisch)¬†of the region. Photographs that take my breath away and light the spark within me. The spark that drives me out with my camera to create beautiful images of my own.

So … now I have another item to add to my “inspired¬†to do” list – to explore the central interior of British Columbia, to see with my own eyes (and my camera) this geographical treasure. Let’s see, that’s item number two thousand and twenty five. LOL!!

Learn more about Chris’s book: “Motherstone: British Columbia’s Volcanic Plateau.”

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