On starting a blog

Okay, well, it’s been a month since I set up this blog. I’ve been having a bit of trouble trying to decide how to get it moving. What do I want to say? I have so much going on in my head that I can’t just seem to pick one thing. Then there’s this thought of what if I start the blog all wrong? Or what if after I get it started, I find I don’t have the time to maintain its momentum? Simply put, I have writer’s block. Then there’s …. but I have so much to say sometimes, and I can be quite verbose. I was advised to keep blog articles short, in order to keep my reader’s attention.

I mentioned all of this to a new friend of mine. Her name is Janet Whitehead, and she is life coach and creater of Musings and Mud). Janet said to me…. “If you wait to do something until it is perfect, you will never get it started. So just DO IT!! (Isn’t that what Nike says?)  Get it out there, and the rest will take care of itself.” Well now…. I don’t know if that’s exactly what she said, but that is the message I received.

Then there’s Byron. He’s also a new friend, a participant in the Creative Muse Group workshop that we are taking, led by Janet. Byron is a writer, artist, chef, drywall boy… a Jack of All Trades, Master of Most of Them. Byron said to me – when you can’t figure out what to write, just puke a stream of words on the paper. You’d be surprised at what will happen after you puke. You’ll probably feel better too. So here’s my puke. It’s my first official blog post (after the “Under construction” one, of course). Please stay tuned for more, because I promise…. it will get better, and it won’t be puke. While you are waiting for me to come back here, I invite you to see what I’m up to by connecting with me on Facebook at the following:



And you know what? I do feel better. Blog started. Tick!!

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