Maintaining a blog

Well…. This blog is a little over 13 months old. I can’t believe what and how much has happened in the last year. When I started this blog, I had these intentions for it (see About this blog):

  1. Keep you informed about what I am doing and when.
  2. Share my newest and exciting works with you, and finally…. to
  3. Share with you, some of the hard-earned experience I acquired since I began selling my photography way back in 2003. 

Did I honor these intentions?

  1. Well… sometimes I did. Maybe some of the articles provided clues about what I’ve been doing.
  2. No… I don’t think so, but maybe some of the images I posted in the articles provided clues.
  3. Well… maybe… but not necessarily  in the way I intended.

Near Valemont, BC, at 5 pm, January 4, 2010.

Truthfully,  it’s not that easy to maintain a blog. First.. you have to come up with something interesting to say. Then… after you think of something interesting to say, you need to sit yourself down, right now, and get it typed out on screen or at least scribble it out on some scratch paper. I honestly cannot remember how many articles I have written in my head. And they were really good. But I maybe didn’t feel like sitting down to type them or even write them out. Maybe I was composing the article while I was driving, and as we all know, typing or writing while driving are not activities sanctioned by the law. So the next day … or sometimes the next week… when I was ready to sit down and type them out, I couldn’t remember a single word. Sigh….!! Intention is there. The ideas are there. The discipline is not. Most often, neither is the time.

I do visit my blog administration panel quite often to monitor the spam comments. In the beginning, I received a comment here, another one there, that were flagged as spam. Then would come 10 or 15 in a day. Then, 25. Last week, 78 over the course of several days. Then yesterday, 442!!  442!! OH! MY! GOD! Where is all this spam coming from? The links provided with the comments show that many of them come from the same web site, but from different users.  Many of the comments are identical word for word. Others are identical in message, but with different wording. Most of them are for particular articles (Earthworms and My Journey to Musedom to name two), indicating to me that those articles have caught someone, or some thing’s attention out there on the web. Really? I hope so! I could mass delete them all, but what if I deleted a comment that is valid? So I’ll review every single one, and take appropriate action. It will take me a while. Like I don’t have enough to do. So…. If a comment you made does not appear on this blog, Sorry! Next time make a comment that includes specific information suggesting that you know me (and how) or from the article so I know it was not generated by some automatic blog comment maker. You might even make it past the spam filter. You know who you are.

I intended this blog to be a primary way to stay in touch with what I’m doing… you might decide it’s better to visit Views by Linda Photography on Facebook.

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