Click goes the shutter… Click goes my soul!

Journey to the LightHey! I’m back…. but for only a few minutes. I’ve had a really busy year, shooting action photos at dog sport events, and such. And now, with Christmas approaching faster than a speeding bullet train, I’m busy preparing for and participating in Christmas art shows and sales (the fine art side of Views by Linda Photography). Click here to see my Christmas schedule.

One of the events is Muse-A-Fair, taking place on December 2-3, 2011 in Kamloops. What is this “Muse-A-Fair” you ask? Here’s the description of it, from Janet Whitehead who is the founding and inspired creator:

There is a community of kindred spirits  in Kamloops…

Each are mortals who have chosen to live their inspired life, to explore their passions and joys, and to honour the creative spirit within.  They met through coursework with ‘Musings and Mud’ and each have evolved into Inspiring Muses …

The Muse A-Fair is a show, sale and play event that will bring inspiration (and amazing gifts!) into your life.  From unique arts and crafts to learning about nature, to community projects  to the written word….. and more.

We are breaking the boundaries of what ‘creativity’ is …
Come see. Come play.

As part of the promotion for this wonderful and inspiring event (now into its second year), I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Janet, our Creativity Coach at Musings and Mud Coaching Studio. The interview is featured today on her blog.  If you don’t know me well, this is your chance for a teeny tiny glimpse into who I am. Enjoy!

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