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Click goes the shutter… Click goes my soul!

Linda McRae, fine art and action photographer, sometimes has trouble showing up to her creativity. By enlisting the aid of Janet Whitehead, a Creativity Coach, she learned tips for getting past her blocks. Read more in her recent interview with Janet.

Inspiration overload? Nah!

Linda McRae, fine art photographer, often feels that she is over-inspired. The abundance of photography-related inspiration she is subjected to on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is one of the reasons she has so many photography projects on the go. But all that she is doing now doesn’t even come close to touching all the photography-related things that she wants to do before she leaves this existence.

Salmon Run at Adams River, British Columbia

Legend has it that First Nations people used to be able to cross the river on the backs of spawning salmon, because there were so many. 2010 was recorded as the biggest migration back to the Shuswap waters and Adams River (75 kms east of Kamloops, British Columbia) in recorded history. Linda McRae, fine art digital photographer describes her experience on her photo outing there.