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"Click goes the shutter... click goes my soul."

Linda McRae is the photographer behind Views by Linda Photography. She discovered photography when she purchased her first digital camera in 2002 for use in her technical writing career. That camera was never used for that purpose; instead it took Linda on a journey of passion creating fine art images.

Linda has since shown and sold her work in art shows and galleries across Canada. She has received several awards including the Award of Excellence in Photography from Muskoka Arts and Crafts Inc. in Bracebridge, Ontario, and Honourable Mention from the Kamloops Art Council Juried Art Show.

When asked if she has always been creative, Linda's first response was always no. She finally realized that, in fact, she has always been creative in some form; but always in the sense of replicating something that someone else had created. Like many creative people, her extreme perfectionism kept her from appreciating her creative abilities because anything she did create always fell short of her own expectation; it was just never good enough and that disappointment kept her from pursuing each creative endeavour. Until that fateful day in 2002 when the digital camera she purchased on eBay arrived at her door and she photographed the flowers in her garden. Linda's life was forever changed as her passion for photography ignited and continues to burn almost 10 years later.

While working behind the lens, Linda can become so absorbed in the process that she loses all awareness of time, her environment, and the people around her. When she captures an image that really works, she feels a kind of "click" deep inside her core. She describes it as "... click goes the shutter, click goes my soul."

As an artist, Linda loves to create floral and nature detail, scenic, still life, and abstract photographic images. British Columbia, where Linda resides, provides a wealth of beautiful images just calling to be captured. Linda has discovered though, that it does not matter where you live, or where you are. There is beauty and interest in everything -- man-made or natural, large or small. For Linda, she simply needs to spend the time with her camera to really see.

In 2005, Linda became interested in action photography and discovered that her technical skill and her ability to "be in the zone" allow her to capture extraordinary moments of people and animals in action. Extraordinary moments that pass in the blink of an eye are frozen in photos to be enjoyed for life. Her action photography portfolio includes dog agility, lure coursing, dance, moto cross, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming, and more.

Linda invites you to come see what she sees ....what she wants YOU to see.... And enjoy.... the unique and diverse "Views by Linda."

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